How Inspections Work

Who: one of our highly trained, professional technicians will make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

What: our advanced cameras get scoped down your sewer lines to look for cracks, tree roots, blockages, and possible issues. The entire process usually only takes 15-30 minutes, and you’ll get a detailed report and scope video when we’re done. 

When: check out our Scheduling Tool to let us know what days work best for you. If you’re in a rush, have no fear! We get our inspections completed within 48 hours, guaranteed!

Where: a point of access is needed to inspect a sewer line. The most common point of entry is a clean out (see examples – right). When a clean out is not available the sewer line can be accessed through a roof vent or a toilet flange. 

How: once access is obtained a camera is inserted into the line and ran to the city main or as far as the camera will physically go. A video recording will capture the condition of the sewer line.